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Los narcos más buscados de México…….


Servando Gomez Martinez is said to coordinate the Familia’s drug trafficking ‘plazas’ in Mexico, and his influence within the group will likely grow following the death of top commander Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, alias ‘el Chayo’, in December 2010. He has a colorful past and a penchant for appearing publicly to defend the group’s actions.

Gomez is originally a schoolteacher from Arteaga, Michoacan, inspiration for his other alias, ‘El Profe’ or “the professor.” As recently as December 2010, he was still on federal payroll for his teaching job. He is now believed to be based in Michoacan and Guerrero, and is accused of coordinating drug shipments through Baja California.

In the public arena, Gomez has been a fervent promoter of the Familia’s vigilante ideology, claiming the group’s ultimate purpose is to protect Michoacan from unwelcome outsiders, namely, the Zetas, a rival criminal gang that trained the original members of the Familia before the group became independent.

During a phone interview with a local TV program, “Voz y Solucion,” Gomez praised President Calderon and the Army, then claimed the Familia’s only grievances was with the Zetas and the Federal Police for “attacking our families.” Members of the Familia followed a strict behavioral code and those who disobeyed were “made to pay,” he added, unlike the Zetas: “most of them are drug addicts.”

There have been suggestions that Gomez is facing mounting pressure. His nephew, girlfriend, mother and brother were all arrested between July and August 2009. That same year in October, a New York grand jury indicted Gomez for drug trafficking. But Gómez may still count on protection from other native sons of Michoacan, including lawmaker Julio Cesar Godoy, accused of receiving about US$2 million from the Familia in dirty funds

La Procuraduría General de la República tiene una lista de los delincuentes y criminales prófugos más buscados de México. Destacan los narcotraficantes, por los cuales se ofrecen millonarias recompensas por sus capturas. A continuación un listado de los capos que siguen prófugos de la justicia. SERVANDO GÓMEZ ‘LA TUTA': Es uno de los líderes del cártel mexicano de ‘La Familia Michoacana’. Fue maestro normalista, según los reportes de la policía mexicana. Documentos de la PGR señalan que coordina a algunos ‘lugartenientes’ y supervisa el tráfico de drogas. La PGR y la Secretaría de Seguridad Pública (SSP) federal lo consideran uno de los hombres más violentos de la organización, al grado de ser capaz de asesinar sólo porque si quien le lee las cartas del Tarot, le revela que supuestamente alguien lo traiciona, según publicó un reportaje de Noticieros Televisa. De acuerdo con investigaciones, “La Tuta” es el segundo nivel de mando dentro de “La Familia michoacana”, sólo por debajo de Nazario Moreno. La policía mexicana ofrece una recompensa de 30 millones de pesos (unos 2 millones y medio de dólares).

Joaquín Guzmán Loera, alias 'El Chapo,'

Probably the most famous living drug trafficker on the planet still at large, Joaquín Guzmán Loera, alias ‘El Chapo,’ heads up an alliance of powerful drug traffickers known as the Sinaloa Cartel. His ability to simultaneously co-opt public officials, raze an enemy’s fortress and find creative ways to get his drugs to market has made him a legend in the underworld.

Guzmán is the most wanted man in the Western Hemisphere. Born in a small farming community of Badiraguato, Sinaloa, Guzmán spent his childhood shuttling oranges to the market. With his uncle’s help, he shifted into contraband and later coordinated large shipments of marijuana and finally cocaine, into the Sinaloa province and later the United States. He may have little formal education, but he has a PhD. in drug trafficking. Guzmán is known as a pioneer in the drug trade because of his ability to essentially lease an airplane hangar in Mexico City’s principal airport for years and his construction of tunnels beneath the U.S.-Mexico border.

But he has also been plagued by infighting and bloodshed. He split from the core group of Guadalajara-based traffickers in the 1990s and began a bloody fight with the Arellano Félix Organization that ran the lucrative Tijuana corridor. After an attempt on his life in 1993, he fled to Guatemala where he was arrested by Guatemalan authorities and deported back to Mexico. From jail, he continued plying his trade. His brother, Arturo Guzmán Loera, alias ‘El Pollo,’ managed the business. His cohorts from Sinaloa, Hector and Arturo Beltrán Leyva, brought him regular suitcases of cash so he could grease the wheels of power from the prison and continue his opulent lifestyle that included specially prepared meals and conjugal visits from his wife, his girlfriends and prostitutes. His friend, ally and relative by marriage, Juan José Esparragoza Moreno, alias ‘El Azul,’ insured Guzmán’s product got to the United States without interference from his rivals.

Guzmán escaped prison in 2001, just as authorities were laying the groundwork for his extradition to the United States. He has since eluded capture by creating a sophisticated security system and staying in isolated, rural areas in Sinaloa and Durango. He’s also created the hemisphere’s largest drug cartel with many of those who helped in prison, including Esparragoza and the Beltrán Leyva brothers. Guzmán has spent significant amount of time and effort cultivating support among Mexicans, especially in rural areas where contraband and drug trafficking is a way of life. Numerous musicians have celebrated his ability to elude capture and undermine authority in the process.

The Institutional Revolutionary Party (Partido Revolucionario Institucional – PRI) and the National Action Party (Partido de Accion Nacional – PAN) have long traded barbs over which party is beholden to Guzmán. The reality is many factions of both may be, as well as parts of the military and police throughout Mexico and other neighboring nations. Yet, Guzmán has not gone through unscathed. Guzmán’s family is deeply involved in trafficking and his battles with his rivals cost him his brother, Arturo, who was killed in prison in 2004 while Guzmán disputed on the outside with the Juárez Cartel; his son, Edgar Guzmán López, who was killed in May 2008 in Culiacán, Sinaloa, in the midst of a dispute with his former allies, the Beltrán Leyva Organization; his longtime girlfriend from his time in jail, Zulema Hernández, who was found in the trunk of a car in 2008, strangled to death, with the letter “Z,” presumably by Sinaloa rivals the Zetas, carved into her back.

JOAQUIN ‘EL CHAPO’ GUZMAN: Es el líder del cártel de Sinaloa. Según diversos informes, tanto de la policía mexicana como de la estadounidense, Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán sería el narcotraficante principal de drogas de México y del mundo. En el 2001 se fugó de un penal de alta seguridad en México. Es de los hombres más buscados por el FBI (hasta hace poco estaba por debajo del terrorista Osama Bin Laden). El gobierno mexicano ofrece una recompensa de 100 millones de pesos (unos10 millones de dólares). El gobierno estadounidense ofrece 30 millones de dólares

Ismael Zambada Garcia, alias 'El Mayo'

Ismael Zambada García, alias ‘El Mayo,’ heads a faction of the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico. He has used his connections in the Mexican government to push his influence steadily north toward the U.S. border and south toward Cancún, leaving a trail of imprisoned and dead colleagues in his wake.

Along with his partner Joaquín Guzmán Loera, alias ‘El Chapo,’ Ismael Zambada García is one of the most storied traffickers in Mexico. Originally a farmer from Sinaloa, he has made and broken many alliances with other organizations. His current partnership with Guzmán is a big reason why the Sinaloa Cartel is the strongest in the hemisphere. He originally worked with the Juárez Cartel in the 1980s and 1990s. After the death of the Juárez Cartel head Amado Carrillo Fuentes, alias ‘El Señor de los Cielos,’ Zambada created his own organization. With the slow demise of the Tijuana Cartel, he has sought to expand his routes through Sonora and Baja California. He also controls much of the heroin production and shipment from Mexico into the United States. Authorities have arrested his brother, two sons and a nephew in recent months. One of his sons, Ismael Zambada, alias ‘El Mayito,’ was extradited in 2010 to the U.S. to face charges. Zambada may be easing into the shadows, even retiring, some analysts surmised after he appeared on the front cover of the Mexican investigative news magazine Proceso in 2010

ISMAEL ‘EL MAYO’ ZAMBADA GARCÍA: Es uno de los líderes del cártel de Sinaloa. Su hijo, Vicente Zambada, capo de cártel de Sinaloa, fue capturado por el ejército mexicano el 18 de Marzo de 2009. Son pocas las fotografías que se conocen de este capo mexicano. A principios de 2010 la revista Proceso publicó una entrevista exclusiva con el narco mexicano en la que aparecía con el rostro ‘semicubierto’. Ismael Zambada García es uno de los capos mas buscados en México[7] y en los Estados Unidos, donde se ofrece una recompensa de $5 millones de dólares por información que lleve a su captura, según el ‘Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs’.

Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, alias 'El Viceroy'


Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, alias ‘El Viceroy,’ inherited the Juárez Cartel, Mexico’s most powerful drug cartel, when his brother Amado died following plastic surgery in 1997. He has struggled to maintain control of his domain, battling rivals and fighting off upstarts in his own group.

The brother of the famed Amado Carrillo Fuentes, Vicente ran the cartel’s security operation for a time. After his brother Amado died after undergoing plastic surgery in 1997, Vicente took over what was then the country’s most powerful cartel. However, his attempts to forge a “federation” similar to what his brother had created failed. Indeed, Vicente has faced a nearly constant onslaught of competition from rival cartels, most notably the Sinaloa Cartel. Still, his longtime connections with local police and politicians and his increasing use of gangs like the Aztecas, who have a strong reach into the United States, have kept him from crumbling under the pressure.

VICENTE CARRILLO FUENTES alias ‘El Viceroy.- Este mexicano esta catálogado, por la policía mexicana, como el líder del cártel de Juárez. Es hermano de Amado Carrillo Fuentes, el fundador del cártel de Juárez. El FBI ofrece una recompensa de $5 millones de dólares por información que lleve a su captura. La PGR ofrece $2 millones de dólares.


ROGELIO RAMÍREZ ‘EL GUERRA’- Is one of the top Leaders in ‘Los Zetas’.

ROGELIO RAMÍREZ ‘EL GUERRA’.- Es un integrante del grupo delictivo ‘Los Zetas’. La PGR afirma en su expediente que tiene vínculos con la organización de Osiel Cárdenas Guillén.
Miguel Angel Treviño Morales (a.k.a: Z-40, 40, Zeta 40, David Estrada-Corado, Comandante Forty, El Catorce) is a Mexican drug trafficker who is a commander of the criminal paramilitary gang known as Los Zetas, currently led by Heriberto Lazcano. Miguel is an important figure in the Zetas, currently acting as gatekeeper of Nuevo Laredo city


Miguel Treviño is a former member of the Mexican Army’s elite Airborne Special Forces Group (GAFE), trained in locating and apprehending drug cartel members. It is believed that he was also trained at the military School of the Americas in the United States. Also, he was trained by foreign specialists, including Americans, French, and Israelis, in rapid deployment, aerial assaults, marksmanship, ambushes, small-group tactics, intelligence collection, counter-surveillance techniques, prisoner rescues and sophisticated communications.

In the late 1990s, the Gulf Cartel, a Mexican criminal organization, recruited him and other 30 GAFE members to provide protection and perform other vital functions, thus becoming Los Zetas, the paramilitary wing of the Gulf Cartel, responsible for the smuggling of multi-ton quantities of cocaine, marijuana and heroin into the United States from Mexico annually.

In 2008, Miguel Treviño and Heriberto Lazcano forged an alliance with the Beltrán Leyva brothers to form the most powerful and brutal cartel in Mexico today. Government sources said the new organization, along with Beltran Leyva’s, are fighting for control against ‘La Federacion’ (The Federation), an alliance of drug trafficking organizations led by Joaquin “el Chapo” Guzman and by Ismael Zambada García, former allies of Beltran Leyva.

Miguel Treviño also acts as a cartel ‘gate-keeper’ and exacts a fee on all contraband flowing through a given area, nicknamed a “plaza”. He is currently in charge of the highly lucrative Nuevo Laredo plaza, across the border from Laredo, TX. He bribes and intimidates officials to help maintain control, and puts down challenges violently. Treviño invokes such fear, very few journalists dare to write about him. Strangely, he is well known to Mexican law enforcement officials, yet he never appeared on the “most wanted” lists of Mexico’s federal or Tamaulipas state’s attorney general’s offices.

With Treviño’s help, Los Zetas have taken on sideline operations that go beyond narcotics trafficking: human smuggling, extortion, and gunrunning. In November 2007, the city of Laredo, Texas issued an arrest warrant for Treviño in connection with a 2006 double homicide in Texas,[16] and the U.S. Department of Justice also released an indictment against Treviño for conspiracy to manufacture and distribute cocaine into the United States. There is a bounty for Treviño in Mexico set at $2 million USD and another one in U.S.A. set at $5 million USD.

MIGUEL ANGEL TREVIÑO MORALES ‘EL Z-40′: Es un ex militar mexicano que desertó de las Fuerzas del Ejército mexicano. Sabe manejar armamento sofisticado ya que fue entrenado en Estados Unidos, según el expediente que tiene de él la policía mexicana. Empezó a trabajar para Osiel Cárdenas Guillén. Miguel Treviño es buscado en México, así como en los Estados Unidos por homicidio y tráfico de drogas.


Recent narcocorridos glorify Jorge Briseño Lopez, known as El Cholo O Mambi, a feared cartel lieutenant!

JORGE ALBERTO BRICEÑO LÓPEZ ‘EL CHOLO’ O ‘BAMBI': Ni las autoridades mexicanas ni las estadounidenses saben sobre su paradero. Está considerado como uno de los líderes de la mafia en Tijuana.

Jose Edwardo 'EL COSS'

Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sánchez, nicknamed El Coss, is a Mexican drug lord and the leader of the criminal drug trafficking organization known as the Gulf Cartel.

JORGE EDUARDO COSTILLA ‘EL COSS': Es uno de los líderes del cártel del Golfo. Ha sido acusado en Estados Unidos por tráfico de drogas. México está ofreciendo $ 30 millones de pesos (unos 3 millones de dólares) de recompensa. En EU ha sido acusado de 12 cargos de tráfico de drogas y lavado de dinero y también es buscado por agredir a un oficial de la ley federal. El gobierno estadounidense ofrece una recompensa de $5 millones de pesos.


Iván Velázquez-Caballero (alias El Talibán) is a Mexican drug lord of the Gulf Cartel. He is currently a fugitive. The government of Mexico has listed Velazquez-Caballero as one of its 37 most wanted drug lords and offers the equivalent of over $2 million USD for information leading to his capture

IVAN VELAZQUEZ CABALLERO ‘EL TALIBAN': Es uno de los líderes del cártel del Golfo. El gobierno mexicano lo sitúa como uno de los 37 criminales más buscados. Ofrecen una recompensa de $2 millones de dólares por su captura.


Rumors that Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano “El Lazca”, head of Los Zetas and Ivan Velazquez Caballero “El 50″ or “El Taliban”, believed to be the chief of operations of Los Zetas in Zacatecas, would be attending the funeral in Fresnillo of Heriberto Centeno Madrid was the reason that Mexican Marine units mounted the operation that killed 22 suspected Zetas this past Friday, July 1.

Centeno Madrid, known as “Comandante Ardilla” or “Comandante Centeno”, was the Zeta comandante killed Tuesday June 14th in La Lobera, Jalisco when a large group of gunmen was intercepted by the military and Jalisco state police.

Naval intelligence had knowledge that the funeral mass and burial of Centeno Madrid was scheduled for Friday. His body had been delivered to Fresnillo on Thursday.

Unofficial intelligence sources mentioned that the delivery of the body was delayed in order to allow time for the attendance of senior Zeta leaders.

Centeno Madrid was reportedly the head of the Fresnillo plaza and was a close and trusted lieutenant of Heriberto Lazcano.

After the fighting between the Marines and Zeta gunmen ended Friday afternoon the funeral services for Centeno Madrid took place undisturbed, with no senior Zetas in attendance.

HERIBERTO LAZCANO LAZCANO ‘EL LAZCA': La Procuraduría General de la República lo considera el líder del grupo criminal ‘Los Zetas’. Heriberto Lazcano es proclive a la violencia y a la traición, según se destaca en un breve perfil criminal elaborado por la PGR con base a testimonios de personas que lo conocen. Es reconocido como un violento asesino, de quien también se ha dicho que posee un rancho con leones y tigres a los que suele arrojar algunas de sus víctimas, sobre todo agentes federales, según un reportaje de ‘The Dallas Morning News’. En Estados Unidos se ofrecen 5 millones de dólares por su captura, y 2 millones de dólares en México. Es buscado por múltiples asesinatos y tráfico de drogas.

Luis Fernando Sánchez Arellano (b. 1977), a.k.a.: El Ingeniero, is a Mexican drug trafficker leader of the Tijuana Cartel,[1][2][3] a Mexican drug trafficking cartel based in Tijuana, Baja California. He competes with three other major cartels, the Juárez Cartel, the Gulf Cartel, and the Sinaloa Cartel for the illegal drug corridors into the United States.


FERNANDO SÁNCHEZ ARELLANO ‘EL INGENIERO': Es uno de los líderes del cártel de Tijuana. Las autoridades calculan que tiene entre 34 y 35 años de edad.


COMANDANTE ‘EL LOBO': Según el expediente publico de la PGR es jefe de la organización criminal denominado ‘Los Zetas’ en Frontera Comalapa. Es buscado, principalmente por la policía del sureño estado de Chiapas. Según la PGR siempre anda rodeado de, al menos, 10 sujetos bien armados.


Alejandro Treviño-Morales, alias Omar Treviño-Morales, alias Oscar Treviño-Morales, (born January 26, 1974), brother of Miguel Treviño Morales, is a mid-level leader of the criminal Mexican mercenary group called Los Zetas.[2] He is allegedly responsible for several abductions and murders committed in Nuevo Laredo between 2005 and 2006 and the supply source for multi-kilogram loads of cocaine smuggled from Mexico to the United States

ALEJANDRO TREVIÑO ‘EL Z-42′: Es integrante del grupo criminal de ‘Los Zetas’. La DEA ofrece $5 millones por su captura.

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