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DJ Louie Minaya,

That figure that was once perceived to be the hidden gem that kept the vibe of a party alive, has now been thrust into the limelight. DJs have become the unequivocal rock stars of today’s entertainment scene. But while many are just now trying to hop on the bandwagon, true talents start at a young age… like Louie Minaya. At 16, he began to cultivate his skills behind the ones and twos at high school gatherings. That quickly changed once he caught the attention of the masses under the DJ Eloo moniker.

His stage began to grow as his skills were in high demand. Bookings at private events and colossal functions ensued and in 2009, he officially became Louie Minaya. Soon the best nightlife enterprises in New York City sought the amalgamation of his talents, and his presence was requested in the top nightclubs in Manhattan, including Amnesia, LQ, Talay, and the legendary Webster Hall.

While some DJs plan to conquer the world in a night, Louie Minaya takes it one party at a time, delivering infectious beats that keep the dance floor in constant motion.

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